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AWT provides emergency cross-dock, transload and transportation. Services include temporary warehouse storage, freight transportation and small truck, liftgate, pick-up and delivery.

Our Services

Emergency Solutions

Any and all kind of rework is our specialty. When your freight is refused at delivery location due to cargo shift, improper pallets or any other reason Arkansas Warehouse Transfer is the company to call.

Short and Long Term Warehousing

We are also your best choice for both long term and short term warehousing. We offer the facilities to properly store your merchandise long term, over 90 days, and offer affordable rates for this service. When you trust a warehouse with your merchandise for a long period of time, you need to know that the conditions are clean, organized, and secure. We offer all of these things for our customers. When you are ready for us to transport your cargo, we will load and ship it to your destination. The items will arrive in the same condition as they were when we first picked them up. We will keep your product safe.

Transloading / Cross-Docking

Sometimes import shipments arrive and the cargo is floor loaded, or maybe it shifted, or perhaps the final destination is so far inland that an over the road truck makes sense. Situations like these call for transloading facilities.

Rework Shifted Loads

Shifted trailer loads, floor loaded or palletized that need rework, are the bane of the trucking business. When our warehouse receives your merchandise in that condition, we will rework freight as necessary, get it ready for storage in warehouse till new appointment is made and redeliver to customer. Our dedicated staff will carefully sort through your merchandise, fixing packaging on both wet and dry cargo. We can salvage most items and rework and repack your shifted pallets. This type of damage can cost manufacturers and retailers thousands of dollars and seriously impact inventory and the bottom-line. You need experienced professionals to make your items safe to store and ship again, and we are those professionals.


Let Arkansas Warehouse Transfer handle all your palletized needs from supplying pallets, stacking boxes, shrink wrap and band each pallet to eliminate movement during transportation.

Destruction and Recycling

Arkansas Warehouse Transfer specializes in all cans and glass beverage destruction.

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